Building Advanced Admin Reporting in React

In this course we teach you how to create admin reports with React using a query builder. Admin reporting is a broad topic, and getting started can be overwhelming. In five modules, we cover configuration of the query builder, setting up a server, displaying data in a grid, chart, and map, as well as some more advanced uses of the query builder. It's about three hours long and comes with code samples. The course is taught by Jake Boone, who uses the query builder in real, mission-critical applications for a large engineering and construction firm.


What You Will Learn

How to configure a query builder

How to create an API for reports

How to add data grids, charts, and maps

What problems query builders can solve

In this course, we'll be creating admin reports in React.

Course Content

5 modules20 lessons2h 47m total

Getting started

3 lessons 16m total

Introduction to React Query Builder

Introduction to React Query Builder and prerequisites for the course


1:18 minutes

Initializing the query builder

Setting up the application and adding a query builder


11:12 minutes

Fields and operators

Enhancing the query builder with fields from the sample sales data set


4:13 minutes


4 lessons 30m total


Adding another bit of customization to the query builder -- a Spanish translation


7:20 minutes

Other customizations

Changing or removing certain components of the query builder


6:58 minutes

Built-in input types

Using the various input types provided with React Query Builder, including numeric inputs and drop-down lists


4:35 minutes

Custom value editors

How to provide your own value editor in order to take full control of the rule manager


11:19 minutes

Integrating with an API

6 lessons 59m total

Formatting the query

Preparing for the server setup by processing the output of the query builder into database-ready SQL


5:24 minutes

Server setup, part 1

Beginning the process of setting up a server to host the API


12:38 minutes

Server setup, part 2

Connecting to a database and finalizing the API


16:28 minutes

Fetching data

Retrieving data from the server


6:10 minutes

Displaying data in the grid

Configuring a grid to display the data


11:37 minutes

Displaying data in a chart

Configuring a chart to display summary information about the data


7:05 minutes

Geographic data

4 lessons 30m total

Adding a new API endpoint

Setting up a new API endpoint to serve geographic data (UN/LOCODE ports)


2:28 minutes

Preparing a new data set

Configuring the query builder with geographic data fields


7:33 minutes

Displaying the new data

Configuring the grid to show the geographic data


9:22 minutes

Displaying a map

Using the Google Maps API to display the geographic data on a map


11:23 minutes

Bulk edits

3 lessons 30m total

Setting up the bulk editor

Using React Query Builder for a completely different purpose


12:15 minutes

Enhancing the bulk editor

Changing the update mechanism to cover more use cases


7:54 minutes

Finalizing the bulk editor

Polishing off the bulk editor with a custom value editor


10:01 minutes

Your Instructors


Jake Boone

Product Owner and Web Developer

👋 Hi! I'm Jake. I'm a front-end web developer and product owner at a large engineering and construction firm working on mission-critical applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to know how to create flexible, robust reporting solutions with React.

What if I need help?

You can ask us questions anytime through the community Discord channel or by sending us a message.



  • Learn about React Query Builder

  • Build an API for reporting

  • Integrate charts, data grids, and maps

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  • 20 lessons (2h 47m)

  • 1 complete project

  • 2,740 lines of code

Building Advanced Admin Reporting in React