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Fullstack Svelte Course Overview

Fullstack Svelte Course Overview

Welcome to Fullstack Svelte!#

We are excited to have you join us in building a working SaaS application using Svelte, Express and PostgreSQL. It is wonderful to have another awesome JavaScript user interface framework and we hope you will enjoy working with Svelte as much as we do.

The next few sections will give you an overview of the project organization and architecture. The project will be separated into two main parts:

  • The front end, where we will use Svelte to create a reactive web-based user interface

  • The back end, where we will use Express to create, read, update and delete data used by the application.

We will add features incrementally, with lots of small successes along our way to building a fully functional end-to-end web application.

Code Downloads#

👩‍💻 Download the complete set of code for this course here

🎳 Join us over at the #svelte channel in our Discord server - here.

What we are Building#

To demonstrate the capabilities of Svelte, we are going to build a school lunch menu content management system that school administrators can use to publish a weekly menu for parents and students. The application will consist of a public landing page with a sign-up feature, a secured data administration page and public lunch menu pages for a given school and week.

Here are a few high-level user stories that we will be working on:

  • A school administrator should be able to register their school and create a username and password for the application

  • A school administrator should be able to publish a weekly school lunch menu consisting of the lunch items for each day

  • An unauthenticated user, such as a parent, should be able to view a public, mobile-friendly page showing the school's lunch menu for a given week

  • The application should have a multi-tenant architecture so that many schools can use the application independently


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