Comparing --prod Universal & Prerender

That was a bumpy ride, but definetely worth it. In this lesson we will summarize what you've learned so far and how ng --prod differentiate from Universal and Prerendered application.


That was a long journey, but worth it. At this moment, you know what the biggest Single Page Application pitfall is and how to address it in your Angular application. You've learned how to apply Angular Universal to already existing application and how to follow best practices of coding your application server-part, such as:

  • Preparing separate logic paths in your application for browser and server runtimes.

  • Preparing server-specific Angular services.

  • Working with HTTP requests in Angular.

  • Transferring data between the server and the browser, along with the application bundle.

  • Abandoning long-running API calls that affect server-side rendering performance.

  • Using Redis to cache rendered views on the server.

  • Testing the server-side code.


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