What our students say...

I'm learning D3 for work and using this book as a guide for making any type of visualization. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to the video series.

Shawn Kearney
Ruby on Rails Developer

I work in the hospitality industry and we are switching to a very similar stack (except for MongoDB). I like how the course taught how to integrate TypeScript in a full stack JavaScript project and how to create a GraphQL API. Learning the inner workings of Apollo Server was good too. GraphQL was a bit like sorcery to me until now.

Javier Zapata
Full Stack Developer & Design Technologist

I've been (trying to) learn React Native for several months now. There are plenty of tutorials out there but nothing ever made it "click" for me. Then I stumbled over your website. What a game-changer! @newline is amazing. I got to build practical apps while having every step explained to me. I learned more about React Native from this book than from all of the tutorials out there combined. Fullstack React Native is worth every penny.


IMO Typescript is verbose and can get a little confusing (I'm still getting used to this), but your approach to writing the functions helps transition to this new form - well thought out! Nice job. I would like to see more from you in the future.

Héctor Lasso

I can make charts myself! One of my most beautiful books I bought. Thanks

Edwin Steiner
CTO at Inventage

I bought several React books before this one and I was seriously disappointed in them. I have had a lot of fun working through Fullstack React, which has led to a lot of great learning.

Amanda Riu
Mobile Wrangler / Android Engineer at Automattic

I learned d3!

Stephen Brown-Bourne
Full Stack Engineer at Quaestor

I've always been interested in data visualization and this has been a really good introduction. I like how the first chapter takes its time setting up concepts that will be useful in the future, but also doesn't waste time explaining JavaScript itself. I'm loving the book (and honestly the book cover is really wonderful too)!

Rodrigo Deodoro
Design Technology Tech Lead at Carta

I have ng-book and I love the style. No Yadi yada. Just simple plain useable information. You guys are doing a fantastic job.

Jean Lecante
Senior Cloud Application Modernization Architect at IBM

Having everything put together in one place is so much better than trying to do it in separate tutorials. I also liked that this course started simple and showed the techniques that are used to develop the app rather than just looking at the finished project and not knowing how it got there. Tinyhouse really made things clear for me.

Jonathan Howard
Software Developer